The Beginning of Something...

This may not last long but I want to have some place to vent or to talk or to sing. Whatever. It may contain awesome previews to books and movies too. This may be a gaming channel but really it can be what ever I want.  Any advice is good advice to me. If I am doing too much, let me know. 

Ladies and Gentleman!!!

I'm a little Irritated...

October 17th 2017

Ladies and Gentlemen, here I am. I am alive and well. And very tired. I had a change of jobs recently and it’s taken its toll. It pays more though and I can afford a few extras to keep the stream going. It’s not an excuse but it’s also caused the blog to suffer too, and for that I am sorry. I’ve reevaluated what’s worth my time and what isn’t and I will have to make a few changes. I am officially declaring my promise to stream at least twice a week instead of three. Editing is a big part of this but trying for three videos causes delays and backups. If not Thursday, then on the weekend for the Let’s Play. I will continue to do Minecraft Monday since it’s become a staple of my week and the linchpin of my stream schedule. I’ve also garnered the most followers via Mixer and Minecraft so I kinda owe it to them to continue. I am happy to do so!

Second issue is actually exciting. My system is up and operational! I have replaced the Processor to an i7 from an i3 and I added 8 additional gigs of RAM. On top of that I have 1 Terabyte of Solid State Drive storage. It’s the perfect machine and runs like a dream. And it’s still very broken!!!!!! Well, not my computer but my HD60 Elgato. That’s the device I use for recording my Xbox One. For whatever reason, the camera keeps freezing and the audio keeps going out. It’s a shame since I can use it to do green screen and I can paste my logo on the screen.

I’ll get it working eventually I guess but the beautiful thing is, with a Windows 10 PC, I can remotely stream from my Xbox to the computer now without having to use the Elgato and I can use OBS (Open Broadcast System) to do the same thing the Elgato can but with 0 dely response. At the moment, though, I can’t get feedback from my vocal audio or the gameplay audio so it’s still a broken system at this point, even with all the new hardware. There is a silver lining in all of this; with all the upgrades to my system I can stream PC Games now with virtually no lag! I will hold off on that for now for there isn’t enough time in the world to fit PC gaming into the mix. All told, it’s been a 450 - 500-dollar investment.

So with all this and all the work that I have done so far, there is still a little ways to go. Actually, it’s still going to be a lot more work. I have learned a bit more about the lifestyle thanks to Professor Bromann. There was an article on Yahoo yesterday describing the life of a professional streamer. Or the lack of life, shall I say. PB spends, average, 14 to 18 hours a day streaming to be in the constant spotlight and recently he’s had to cut back... to 6 days a week. The money only becomes real and sustainable if a streamer can keep this schedule up which, honestly, most people would not be able to do. Like, at all. I wouldn’t be able to do that kind of schedule, I know that for sure. I’m dedicated but I have responsibilities that a I can’t shirk. (Being a good and present Husband and provider being the most important)

So, let’s recap. My computer is finished but far from done, my schedules changing for the better, and my priorities are a bit more in line. All, good things for sure 4 (FOUR!!!) months in. I’ve also got a few awesome things coming up!!! I’ve scheduled a co-stream with one of my oldest friends playing WAREFRAME and I will be co-starring in a Zombie Podcast! This will be all added to my channel and website coming up this Saturday and the podcast will be LIVE the 21st at 2 PM PST. Podcast will have more details when I know more of the details but look for more info soon on my site this week. I will also be doing a SPOOKY STREAM for Halloween later next week.

Still so very busy!